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Better than brick and mortar stores...
"The staff and owner of DownloadSurgeon and Song Surgeon provided me with exceptional technical service to answer all my questions and make sure I could download all of the material correctly. They have provided the finest service I have received from any internet vendor-actually better than brick and mortar stores as well! I highly recommend their products and services."
Wayne L.
Guitar Instructor
Northern California
The speed of your response gives a complete new meaning of the term "customer support".
Are you going for the world championship?
Michael Hermann
It does work now.
Thank you very much for an extremely quick answer, on a saturday afternoon.

That's what I call worldclass.

Thank you again
Lars Östbergh
I also must say that you've really done an outstanding job in creating DownloadSurgeon.
Thank you for all your work and creation of Song Surgeon, and for your excellent customer service!
Jerry H.