Win 7 – Win 11
Mac OSx 10.12 – 11.01

1. How is the product delivered?

The product is delivered as a downloadable file. An option to buy a CD copy is available for an additional cost.

2. What operating system does Download Surgeon run on?

Download Surgeon runs on Mac (OSx) 10.9 -- 10.12 and Windows 7 -- Windows 10

3. What file formats are available for saving audio and video files?

Download Surgeon can save files in most of the common audio and video file formats. A partial list includes: wav, mp3, mp4a, aif, wma, aac, mp4, mpg, webm, avi, mov, flv.

4. Is this purchase of Download Surgeon an annual cost or a 1-time purchase?

Your purchase of DS is a 1-time cost. Every few years we may develop and release new major versions of the software. When these are released, you are not required to upgrade, but if you choose to you will be required to purchase such new versions.

5. Am I required to own a Support Plan?

Your purchase of Download Surgeon includes 1 year of free support. Beyond this, you are not requred to buy or own a support plan. However, you should know that, download module issues are the most common type Help Tickets. Overactive antivirus programs, firewalls, changes in Operating Systems (OSs), the introduction of new OSs, website changes at places like YouTube, new A/V streaming technologies - all of these and many more affect the ability of Download Surgeon to deliver consistent, reliable functionality.

Although all customers always have access to the self-help sections of the Support Desk (Knowledge Base Articles, Download Section, and Troubleshooters) we strongly recommend a an Annual Support Plan, once your year of support expires. This will ensure the smooth, continued and uninterrupted working of Download Surgeon on your computer.

6. What is the quality of the files I grab in Download Surgeon?

The files that are grabbed using one of the three, direct download modules will be exactly the same as the original file. Those files obtained using Download Surgeon's SC Recorder will be of similar quality because it is making a digital copy of the audio and video it records.

7. Why does Download Surgeon come with only one license?

The licensing for Download Surgeon is different than our other products. Your purchase entitles you to ONE license. The reason is because of what the product does and the support required to keep it running. the support required for this product. Download Surgeon is much more susceptible to being broken by changes in operating systems, updates to operating systems, firewalls, antivirus programs, malware programs and permission issues - and therefore requires much more support than our other products. That is why we limit the number of licenses to one.