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    he WWW is an almost unlimited source of audio and video files. Most of the time, playing a file from the internet is fine. You watch it or listen to it once, or you bookmark it to come back to it - and that's the end of the story. However, is not uncommon to find an audio or video file on the web, that you'd like to have on your hard drive. Some common examples are musicians that want to learn a song or an athlete that wants to study a video of a move, or play, or technique from their particular sport.

    There are many A/V Downloaders on the internet, but in almost all cases, these products work with exceptions. In other words there on some sites on which they do not work and from which they are unable to grab the audio or video. From a technical standpoint this is not surprising. There are many different ways to handle and process audio and video from a web page and some of these technologies render the technologies used in downloader products ineffective. However, with Download Surgeon that all changes. Download Surgeon can grab any video or any audio from any site on the internet.

    Why You Should Begin Using
    Download Surgeon Today!

    No Exceptions

    Now you can grab any audio or video from any website. Whether you use our direct downloading module or the screen recording tool you get high quality A/V files

    Time Savings

    No more wasted time trying to find a way to grab or download something, only to look at your watch and find out you've just blown two hours with nothing to show for it.

    Video to Mp3 (or audio)

    You can strip audio from any video file and save it as an mp3, or wav, or most other common audio file formats

    Mobile Compatibility

    Regardless of whether you grab audio or video, you can save it in most of the common file formats. That means it will be compatible with your phone, tablet,iPad, iTunes, Google Play, etc.

    Why You Should Use Download Surgeon
    and Not Something Else?
    As I am sure you know, there are a ton of products out there that download audio and video from the internet. And that logically leads to the why question. Why Download Surgeon and why not something else?

    There are five important answers to this question:
    Your thoughtfulness in helping your customers make the best use of your program is impressive. - Bill Fry, USA
    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. The few times I've interacted with you/your company have always been extremely helpful and professional. I appreciate your integrity, and your honoring 9-11 reinforces it. - T. Siam, Thialand
    The program is now up and running perfectly on my Mac Book! I did not expect you to respond over the weekend. Thank you for correcting my error with such great service!!! - Dean Reed, USA
    I have to say, Your customer service is exceptional. I haven't had many issues, but the times I have, your responsiveness and the quality of the answer is Awesome. Thanks Again - Gord, Canada
    Thanks Jim, it works! What wonderful service you give -- Amazing!! - N. Temple, New Zealand
    Thank you so much for giving such priority to my work. It is very much appreciated. The glowing testimonials about your company's superb service and products are indeed well deserved. - Jon Ogley, UK
    Thank you, everything working just fine now. Thanks again for your time and patience in helping me resolve my earlier problems...excellent service! - Gerard
    When you buy a Downloader you want a product that works! By that we mean a product that works on all sites, without exception. With Download Surgeon that's exactly what you'll have. This includes both direct download options for YouTube, Face Book, Vimeo and other sites, as well as screen and system audio recording.
    Many competitors provide little to no support. Download Surgeon is backed by our full service support desk. We use Support Tickets, a Knowledge Base, Trouble Shooters, Remote Assistance, and yes, even use the phone when that is the most efficient means to resolve an issue. Our Help Desk is monitored constantly and responses sent multiple times throughout the day.
    Many competitors co-install browser plugins, adware, and a variety of other unwanted programs. We do not. We only install what is required to run Download Surgeon, nothing more. And, our software is scanned for Malware, Adware, Virus and it is digitally signed for your security.
    Internet based business and products come and go. We are here to stay. We've been on the internet since 2001, we have an A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau, and we have growing family of products that have been sold to more than 114 countries around the world.
    Download Surgeon, like all of our products, comes with a 100%, 60 day, money back guarantee. With an overall return rate across all products of less than 1%, it is unlikely you will ever need it, but if you every do, you can rest assured that we stand behind our products 100%.
    Take Advantage of Download Surgeon's
    All-In-One Direct Download Modules
    or Screen Recorder
    Youtube Downloader
    - given the importance of YouTube as a library of audio and video file we have one module focused solely on YouTube. It can download any video found on YouTube. One of the common problems with competitor products is that if YT makes a website change it can break the ability to download files. While we must deal with the same possibility, we have built into Download Surgeon an automatic updater to minimize any down time.

    OS Downloader
    - This module has the potential to work on several hundred popular sites. Initially it has been programmed to work on 10. These are: Face Book, Reverbnation, Sound Cloud, CMT.com, Tumblr, Ustream, MetaCafe, Daily Motion, Break and Livestream.

    SC Recorder
    - This module is your fallback option. If none of the other three modules mentioned above are able to download files from a particular site, you can always count on the ability of this module to grab what you want. The three modules mentioned above are direct download modules that will download the audio or video faster and with quality that equals the original. For those reasons you may want to try using them first. However, if they don't work on a particular site then you can use the SC Recorder- - and know that it will get the job down for you. d provide you with A/V files with quality that approaches that of the original.

    Sniffer Downloader
    - Unlike the other two modules which require direct URLs, the Sniffer Downloader works differently. It detects the network connection between your computer and the internet, when playing an audio or video file on a website, and it is able to grab this data stream and save it to your computer. Although the sniffer module doesn't work on all sites (we estimate 25-35% of sites that have audio and video) it can download from thousands of sites.

    Our Full Service Support Desk Makes
    A Great Product Even Better
    Download Surgeon is a great product, but it can be a full time job to keep it working. While we have over 3 years of history with this technology and have a proven track record of reliability, we can also tell you that download modules issues are the most common type Help Tickets. Overactive antivirus programs, firewalls, changes in Operating Systems (OSs), the introduction of new OSs, website changes at places like YouTube, new A/V streaming technologies - all of these and many more affect the ability of Download Surgeon to deliver consistent, reliable functionality.
    Although all customers always have access to the self-help sections of the Support Desk (Knowledge Base Articles, Download Section, and Troubleshooters, we strongly recommend a full service support plan which includes access to our incident support ticket system, remote assistance sessions and a year of Full Service Help Desk Support. The good news is that with your purchase, we're including 1 free year of Support.
    In addition to all of this, there is virtually no learning curve involved when beginning to use Download Surgeon -- its straightforward user interface makes it easier than ever to download exactly what you need to in as little time as possible, and if you have any questions, our instruction manual can answer them quickly and simply. With Download Surgeon, what you see is what you get...and what you'll get is one pretty great product that you can use for virtually any type of audio or video downloading on the internet!

    Get started today, turn the WWW into your own personal, unlimited library of audio and video files, lessons, music, songs, etc. Grab our fully functional demo and taking it for a test drive.